Hello and welcome to theFestus Home Builder Tony Cadex country tech podcast presented by yours truly Tyler’s and ski. Oh Man. What do I even start? Well, today, let’s get it cracking. Starting with the ever popular Greenbriar homestyle and four plan. There’s incredible three bedroom, two bath. Spacious ranch is of amazing design as the Festus Home Builder continues to give the people what they want with multiple options and customization Galore. The kitchen opens wide, just like your malice should be while you’re in there, including an option at a breakfast bar to spice it up some, and then with plenty of room to digest the connecting view of the massive dining and grey rooms as it can be built as one. Also with the option to get the volts above you. A nice feature. This flexible plan is also able to add that main floor laundry to save your knees a couple of years from going up and down those stairs all day long.

Okay. Maybe not all day long, but you can never get caught up on laundry. You know, it’s almost a never ending. Okay. Back to the Festus Home Builder and the stunning, meticulous attention to detail they provide to each home as if they were building their own. Let’s walk down the extra wide hallway. A feature I’m in love with, uh, you know, so you don’t feel super claustrophobic. You know, some hallways are a little tight, a little tight. We would go to the Greenbrier is master’s suite that measures 14 feet by 12 feet with the included deep walk in closet and master bathroom that can be customized to the luxury bathroom by adding the double bowl sink and a separate tub and shower. Nice, Nice. You got a lot of room there to another optional feature of the masters to have the bay window installed and the vaulted ceilings built in to open the room up even more. I’ve seen the Festus Home Builder crew with the finishing touches added to each room and they’re very specific and sticklers with everything they do. As you should be looking for that in a Festus Home Builder who truly cares.

Now let’s walk across the master room as you enter one of two bedrooms to your right or left a bedroom too. It’s the one located in the left and back corner of the home, as we’ll call it, a measures 10 feet by 10 and bedroom three eight to the right option measures 11 feet, four inches by 10 feet with the Optional Bay window and bedroom three to open it up even more. Both bedrooms come with the included included feature of the closet, made sturdy wire shelving for each room. Okay, now let’s go back out. Go back to the open and spacious living slash dining room to see what other options we got going on the fireplace. It’s definitely a nicely added, uh, aesthetic touch that always gives that comfy feeling. Or if you’re not feeling like calming down, uh, you know, the sound system we can install will definitely wake you up.

And hopefully not the neighbors though. Since we’re back in the kitchen, I can tell you a little bit about what else the Festus Home Builder has offered for included features, including all brand new appliances by General Electric sinks in plumbing, assessors provided by Kohler. Respectable brand name in the homebuilding world. Windows by whether bar indoors by Mason night. If you do not know these brands by now, please check out the website and see all the options you can have, customizing your perfect home security systems to make you feel safe. Also with added pressure, added protection, you get to control with your phone a nice little feature as well. You know what’s going on at all times and to the garage with either having the included two car garage, it’s 19 feet, four inches by 19 feet, four inches, or had the option to make it a three car garage for your extra toy or for extra added storage.

Festus Home Builder builds strong, sturdy homes, falling every code and guideline and builds with the highest quality of materials to ensure you have a home that will last a lifetime. I’ve seen like every single floor plan that they got going on, all the materials that they use, everything is just comes down to the detail and it’s just, it’s absurd. It’s insane. It’s so good. Everything’s clean, everything’s brand new. It’s all yours for the first time without having to worry about, you know, previous owners or home problems, you know, it’s all yours. For the first time and you’ve got all these options. The, when I was talking about the Mason night doors, I also have the shelving in the bathrooms that are not bathrooms. I’m sorry, while you can do it in the bathrooms too, but uh, in the kitchens and a lot of different options for that.

I know a lot of people look at, you know, that’s one of the main things they look at when I walk in. You know, they see what kind of color shelving scheme or they’re shoving scheme in general, see what they got going on. And let’s see here we got the, uh, one of the, one of the things that I think is really nice is if you walk into the basement, I mean, it’s basically like you’re walking into basically a second house. I mean, it’s massive and you’ve got the egress window or you can do a walkout. It just depends on which home site you’re at, what kind of, uh, options you were looking for. Customizable, you know, it’s always up to you, the, uh, customer. And especially since you’re gonna be living in this home for hopefully a long time, you’re to want it to be exactly how you want it.

And, uh, see here we got the other, if you want to do the outside, you know, the different elevations that they got going on to make it look how you want it to look. You can do partial masonry or full mason masonry. It’s your choice. Um, uh, the steel reinforced foundations, the uh, uh, full eight foot concrete foundation pour and make sure your home is on a steady base. Gotta have that, can’t forget about that 10 year structural home warranty that they provide from country tech homes and the, uh, Festus Home Builder and members of the HBA. You can’t forget about that either. They know what Dylan, I’ve been doing this for a long time.

The team with the Festus Home Builder provides a hands on approach that assists our buyers from concept to completion and are very committed to building and the enduring legacy of integrity and value. My presenting quality homes and neighborhoods. I mean, that’s how they keep getting people to come back. That’s why they have exactly what they have going on in the developments that they have is just because it’s of the highest quality. It’s detail. Everything is just perfectly brand new and perfectly aligned and measured and cut everything. It’s just you can’t go wrong honestly. And you can also check out, you know, everything they got at country tech, homes.com I’ve got all the floor plans listed there, all the, uh, options. You can go to Shiloh Ridge, Festus, which is timber, Wolf Valley, and uh, yeah, they know what they’re doing over here. Countertack homes. All right. Until next time, that was the Greenbrier. I don’t really know exactly which one is going to be next, but you’ll find out as soon as I get back on here. All right. Talk to you later guys.

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