We’re talking about the Festus Home Builder, Tony Connected Country Tag homes. Once again, we’re here in Shiloh Ridge, Illinois cumulatively being built right now being built right now. Uh, we got the uh, Birkdale across the street. They’ve been working on her shoot two months now. A month out maybe. I’m not sure. That’s Festus Home Builder turning connected country tag homes just continues to build and build. Well, I would go over and check it out, but they got some guys over there. They’re like a little busy, so I don’t want to disrupt then. Well, yeah. Um, been working on that. Birkdale miles look good. It’s coming together. Guy just came out of the Johnny Festus Home Builder Contra tag homes. Tony Kinetic. We had zero down new homes here when the display Shiloh by myself, the Greenbriar 1400 square feet based price at one 84, nine facets. Homebuilder Tony Kinetic country tag homes. She continues to uh, give the features that you need.

Two car garages, concrete driveway with broom finish. These are the general features. Hydro control system was sump pump polypro damp proof foundations, termite treatment, one piece, fiberglass tub slash shower units, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, 80% efficient Lennox natural gas furnace, 13 seer Lennox air conditioning unit, five inch seamless guttering and downspouts. Festus Home Builder tawny. Kinetic country tag Festus Home Builder shifts. These features just you know, keep keep coming. Prewired for garage door opener. State 40 gallon state gas water heater expansion. Take on new water heater, electric dryer hook up overhead bedroom light wiring, lighting, fixture allowance, insulated steel entry doors, underground utilities, partial masonry front elevations or full mason ring architectural shingles of, I’m sorry, that was the general features from the Festus homebuilder country tech Holmes, Tony Kinetic and now with the exterior finishes, get the architectural shingles weatherproof receptable receptacles at each entry. Three freeze proof hose bibs, grills on all front of course. Steel overhead, garage door maintenance, free exterior’s sodded front and 10 foot of side yards. Seated and Straud rear yards.


you can include the exterior finish features from theFestus Home Builder. Country Tag Holmes Tony Connecting. Now to go into the interior finishing features. You got smooth interior walls, interior wood, window sills and aprons, six panel interior mason I doors brushed nickel hardware, wall to wall carpeting, no wax, vinyl floors, closetmaid wire shelving and all the closets. And that concludes the interior finishes from the Festus Home Builder Tony Kinetic with a country tag homes part of the HBA, one of the members of the home builders association in Saint Louis. Um, moving on to the construction side of building a home with the Festus homebuilder, Tony Kinetic with CounterTack homes. You’ve got the steel reinforced foundations, the full eight foot concrete foundation wall poor of course, insulated egress window and foundation. If there’s no walkout door. Our 13 craft wall insulation are 19 band board insulation are 38 blown in ceiling insulation energy. See All caulk and foam package, uh, three fourth in three fourth inch tongue and groove, sub floor subfloor nailed and glued for extra support. Stick belt two by four walls, 16 and show see house rep yet the copper wiring you got the CP VC water supply was


what our supply lines arc fault bedroom circuits 10 year structural home warranty and you got the two year mechanical warranty and the one year limited everything warranty with 24 hour emergency lines for those but that’s the uh, Festus homebuilder, Tony Canadian country tag homes, construction features. Now moving on to kitchen and baths features, you got the GE electric self cleaning range with ceramic glass cooktop, Ge over the range. Microwave Oven Ge built in dishwasher InSinkErator one third HP garbage disposal, Kohler, chrome faucets, anti scald shower valves, double bowl, stainless steel, kitchen sink, Wilsonart countertops, Salad would front cabinets,

cultured marble, vanity tops, chrome bath assessors and those are the features that come standard with every country. Tag home from the Festus Home Builder Tony connecting and you can reach us at three one four or I’m sorry, (618) 315-7650 or contact us on the website which is www.countrytaghomes.com. That’s www dot c o, u, n t r y t, e, k h o m e s.com from the Festus Home Builder Tony candidate country take homes. That’s the best way to get in touch with us here at the sales side of trying to sell somebody a house if they want to know what kind and what they want. And we just brought here in the, in the community and serving everything that’s going on around us. You know, got her neighbor Bobby over there. How’s his gun shooter? He moved in. He got the lake and the community as well. A little pond, I guess you would say. Pond. Slash. Lake. I don’t know. I don’t know really what the different sizes of bodies of water or how people are going to determine the names for them, but sure. Certain sizes upon certain sizes of like, I would say that’s a pond because I mean the ponds at my old, so house or bigger than that and they were considered pond. So yeah, that’s the Festus Home Builder Tony Connecticut country homes community here out in Shiloh Ridge.

Yep. Just, uh, waiting for people to get in here. Do the check out. These homes just started throughout the subdivision here. Community getting homes build. I haven’t, the construction workers do all their jobs or houses coming together real nice. Yes, they were working on the interior. Now they get the whole base around it. They get the roof on and all that good stuff.




Yeah. I need to go clean up the run the dumpster area. It’s been raining and her, she feels like a week straight now. Finally eased up a little bit. Festus homebuilder tourniquet, knitting country checked homes probably have about that. We can get back on schedule. Flooding is pretty bizarre and absurd right now at the moment.

Good. Uh, rich widow.

Keep a construction going. Of course. Get these houses done. Get these people moved in. Ready to rock and roll.


Oh, this is looking nice though. Just need more of them than going up and all these spots. You guys possibly help shit got spots available over and uh,


I’m just ready for you. Ready for the people. Come check them out.

And uh, yeah.

Stop on by here at the festival home builder in Shiloh. Homebuilder Tony Canadian country take homes.

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