And we’re back to the Festus Home Builder Tony Canadian country Terry Holmes podcast. And today we’re going to be talking about the Monterey, which is the split level home that country tag homes, the fest is Festus Home Builder has to offer. Uh, you get the two car garage that comes standard 22 by 20, uh, yet the, you walk up the stairs, you’ve got the living room 17 by six by 12. You get the dining room 13 feet, nine inches by eight feet, six inches. You’ve got the kitchen with the optional island that you go put in there. And Monterey has got some features, you know, just like any standard, you know, split level base prices. Hundred and 64, nine, you got elevation a and elevation be elevation bees get the optional bay window in the front and some different designs for the garage and siding and whatnot. Fest homebuilder just continues to, uh, make these homes like look fantastic, beautiful and excellent when it comes to like, um, detail and like how brand new everything is, the material that they use.

Um, you know, just big the quality of materials, the company’s Kohler and whether Bar Mason, I, all those Festus Home Builder just continued to partner up with these companies and the contractors and subcontractors that they have are just dedicated to the work that they put in. And then we’ll make the home just for this, for the person is brand new as possible and in perfect working condition. So the options that the Festus Home Builder provides for the Monterey, you get the a, you can do the finish lower level rec room, bedroom powder room, excuse me, those, um, the dining room, bay window vaulted ceilings everywhere, rough in plumbing, the double bowl sink in the master bath spindles on the stairwell, the fireplace, they got the walkout basement in some spots on some home sites. Fastest home Festus Home Builder decided which ones are, and a ceiling fans and the wires installations. You can do those. The gas line, 42 inch kitchen cabinets, which Shiloh to, sorry. Uh, what Shiloh is doing right now is the deluxe kitchen package. He got those 42 inch cabinets yet the laminate counter countertops, yet the super deep, uh, uh, kitchen sinks, sorry, stainless steel. The, that’s what it was. The [inaudible].


High definition laminate kitchen countertops plus with the Festus Home Builderdoing is taken $4,000 in closing costs off or 4,000 taken off the home price, which expires April 30th, 2019 go to Debbie, Debbie, Debbie, EU country tech Call us at (618) 315-7650 to get in touch with the Festus home builder or myself as their, uh, Constratech homes has been part of the HBA. Their members, they also won three awards this year for their homes. I’m sitting in one of the award winning homes displays right now. And so, you know, they just know what they’re doing out here. Uh, Tony Kinetic [inaudible] homes and the Festus Home Builder, you know, they just know that or don’t, you know, it would make,


they wouldn’t make a shotty home as they sit would say. They wouldn’t make something that doesn’t have great value. You know, don’t forget about it.

Far from where I left off the island. Coach wiring for the two car garage with a three car garage upgrade, that

interior door package waterline for the ice maker Garage door opener.

Uh, so you get the microwave’s, the appliance color, you can upgrade that stainless steel.


When people hear upgrades, they think expensive, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. They’re all not expensive, you know, and you get to pick and choose how you basically want this house to be made. So that’s pretty nice. You know how you can do that. And I’m out here in Shiloh where the Festus Home Builder of Tony [inaudible] Constratech homes is bought the property and you know, they’re just, it’s just, it’s good stuff. Good stuff. Yeah. I’m looking out here and the grass is green, you know, there’s people on that, really people outside right now it’s like 45 degrees, just kinda chilly. Could that stop yawning? Ah, so, AH, yeah. So if I had to tell him, builder just continues to, he’s got the signs everywhere, you know, if you want to stop by, you know he’s getting his name out there because their homes are of great detail and the people know what they want. You know? And even if you pick out a certain lot, we could customize that lot for,


So yeah, I mean the Monterey, there’s one in the community I’m at right now actually that’s already been built by country attacking just, I love looking at houses now because they’re just so symmetrical and perfect and contact us the same thing. They’re just, they’re fly, they’re nice and they know they have some great people that work with him to make it that way. You know,

it’s show February the 10th

I have, Y’all had like four times in the past, like five minutes. It’s bad. But they had me in Festus Home Builder needs you to buy homes and home sites so that you can take advantage of the quality of material in the meticulous attention to detail that gets put into each one of these sturdy, beautiful homes. Especially if you’ve got a family that you’re about to have, you know, and she’s just all good stuff. You know, this isn’t a back community. You know, there’s always people walking around or running with their dogs and she’s good,

great space.

I mean, if I had the money and financial needs to build a house, I mean I would definitely do that. I mean, I might be able to save up, but like the payments I would, I would have to save, save, you know, I’d have to get on a budget, you know, and the fest homebuilder could probably help you out with that too. You know, we got options, special financing, uh, you know, uh, like certain ways that you can get a house here. The fest homebuilder has set up certain things like sweat equity and doing your own or taking off your clothes in calls with packages and tried to get people.

Do you see how good of a deal it really is? You know, some people just wouldn’t believe it, you know, it would not, but you just got to come in and check it out, see it to believe it. You know, I’ll tell you all the details you want to know. And, uh, yeah, I’m just excited for the fastest homebuilder 20 Canadian country tech was to get this whole entire community filled up and including myself. That’s part on me too. So, uh, we out here, we look in the best of luck to us. It’s good. It’s good, it’s good stuff. It’s going to right away as well as it should be. And, uh, I’m proud to be a part of it.

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