Welcome back to uh, Festus Home Builder Tony Kinetic CounterTack homes podcast. Today’s description in house that will be focused on today is called the Innsbrook. The inns. Brooke is a ranch style home. Why the smaller smallest house? We have almost basically it’s the a s 1,290 square feet. Three bedrooms, one, two and then the master. And then, uh, there’s actually one right next to this, to the display that was just built here in Charlotte Ridge. Which country? Homes? The Festus Home Builder. Tony Kinetic just won award for display homes here in Shiloh ridge and in timber. Timberwolf loudly. So that’s cool. Congrats. But the innards, Brooke has a lot of different things you could do to the house itself. If you wanted [inaudible] the actual main floor laundry would be in the, uh, hallway going down in the bedrooms, which I do like that spot for it. I actually, cause you know, you’re right, you don’t have to go really, you just right out of the bedroom.

Take her laundry in there and dig it out. Like it’s right there. I mean, I guess the only downside of it would be, I mean like if you’re sleeping and you’re doing laundry at nighttime, I mean it might make some noise with it. I mean, nothing else really I would say is a bad pig. Cause like a lot of people like that white noise to fall asleep to. I mean I do, I like to fan on or whatnot and I’m sure like a lot of people in the world do. But uh, yeah, the Festus Home Builder cause you Chet Holmes, Tony Kinetic does what the Ns Brooke is, you know, you got that where the laundry is, you got to breakfast room, Bay window. You could do,


Um, what else do we got here? And master bedroom for bay window. You could do that as well. Um, vaulted ceilings in the gray room, dining room, breakfast room, kitchen vaulted ceiling in the master bedroom. You can do the luxury master bath, separate tub and shower. Just kind of cool. Um, walk in closet in the master. Uh, oh, a rough in plumbing. Three car garage. If you want to do that. Double Sick in the master bathroom. Spindles on the stairway. Fireplace painted mantle. You get to walk out basement on certain, uh, certain, uh, Tom Sites. You got the breakfast bar, ceiling fam wire, install the gas line coach light wiring to car in three car upgrade the interior door package. The waterline for the ice maker.


a garage door opener. Obviously space saver, microwave appliance, color upgrade. You get that stainless steel, forget about the Festus Home Builder deluxe kitchen package by country. Check Holmes Tony, take junior, senior 42 inch upper for cabinets, high definition Wilsonart laminate kitchen countertops, upgraded deep bowl stainless steel sink plus $4,000 in closing costs and, or taken off the total price of the home up until eight days from now. So get it while it’s hot here in Shiloh. Um, yeah, that’s the uh, the deal we got going on right now. And the end is, Brooke is, it’s definitely a very comfy home. It’s definitely for a very, if you don’t want, you know, if you don’t need a lot of space, you know, you go, I mean you still got a lot of room to work with here, you know, but just for the sake of infectious, you or you and one other person or you know, so to you, you know, you got a lot of options to work with here and the fastest homebuilder can, you know, custom build anything from, you know, the foundation to certain certain aspects of it. You always gotta look around the a home site to see what you could do on each one.


But for the most part, I mean, if you need to, they can work around that. I usually, if it’s something you really want it they can do and a DNS Innsbrook just one of those homes where, you know, it’s just, it’s nice and comfy. That’s real homey. It’s real. It’s got some space for sure. The things you need to do. It’s just, you know, it’s nice. It’s fairness and a Festus Home Builder you try homes totally kinetic. They like to, uh, make each home.


Maybe tell them what the best quality materials and hand crafted, you know, everything’s very brand new, very clean, very fresh.


Yes. They know what they’re doing out here. Festus Home BuilderTony Kinetic country, take homes. Just meticulous in attention to detail. Everything’s very symmetrical and you know, detailed and clean. I know I’ve said that, but just to reiterate, clean, sharp, fancy materials or quality.


The floor plans are thought out and well executed when it comes to building and they could tell you building all these houses for families that need no families that want them, people who aren’t, even if it’s just them in someone else, you know, before trying to maybe start a family, still got that head.

Here’s the best part about these houses is that you got them for it, for yourself, for you and someone else for you and someone else and starting a family for, you know, big families. If you needed to go up that high. Okay. A little bit of something for everybody in the Festus Home Builder telekinetic tetratech homes just continues to shine and create some very high quality homes and they will continue to do so until they sell out of all the homes. I say have, we should have been once at home. Once that land’s gone, can’t get it back. You know, you can change up the house, you could tell her, tear your house down and rebuild it. But you can’t get that same spot of land back there. So if you need a plan, if you’ve got a plan, we’ve got a lot for you. If you need a lot, we got a plan for you. If you already have a lot, I mean we’ve got to plan for Ya. Customizable.

They just want to give you what you, uh, what you want. Yeah. They got the people to do it. They got the, uh, quality materials to do it. I just need you. That’s it. And uh, Festus Home Builder Tony Kinetic country town homes just continues to create sturdy, dependable, strong, long lasting homes. And we’ll probably do that for a long time. And the Innsbrook is a prime example of one of those homes, starts out at one 69, nine and then if you add all whatever you want to add features wise, price can be a little bit higher of course, but you just can’t forget that these all these homes are built from the ground up. And uh, all brand new, all yours for the first time. No one else has ever been inside of it. No one else is even touched it except for the Festus Home Builder in prime. Meeks. I cleaned up the house is a little bit and uh, yeah, that’s basically what the Festus Home Builder Tony Kinetic Cause Your Tac homes does just continue with that quality. Yeah. So until next time.

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