Hello next up on our list for the Festus Home Builder,  Jake Holmes, Tony Kinetic. How’s that? We’ll be looking at, it’s going to be the Hazel team, which is a ranch style home here. That’s one of the bigger ranch styles. Actually I think it might be the largest. Let me confirm that for you.

Yes it is. I was correct indeed. The Hazel teen is d largest ranch plan at Shiloh Ridge. It’s get a huge living area for the families that need a lot of space. Three bedrooms, two baths, also standard main floor laundry at the garage entrance. Right when you walk in there to the right. Um, for additional space you can upgrade with the additional son or her throne. Get a little extra added square footage as well going outside of the kitchen or are you going to have that just an actual bay window or you can just have it as wall but a the hazel chain and weren’t the Festus Home Builder does it still offers all those amenities and also add ons if you will. Or you can create with your a lot premium of course, certain certain home sites, you know, and the elevation styles are different, you know, full masonry, partial masonry at the outside of it looking pretty gun. But with the Hazel team, um, can you get the vaulting vaulting, the ceilings, you know, make ’em look way bigger than usual. Um, you got your addition of the breakfast room, Bay window in the master bedroom, bay window vaulted ceilings in the great room. Um, the kitchen and breakfast room.

Um, none. You also have, oh, sorry. There’s someone walking around. Just taking a gander here.


Uh Huh.


Anyway, you also have the, uh, all the upgrades. You know the usual, you get the rough in plumbing, three car garage, double bowl sink in the master bathroom, the Festus Home Builder Tony Kinetic country take homes. They just keep crushing it with these uh, features that you can add on spindles on the stairwell. Main level. Get the fireplace at the pain mantle. You get the walkout basement on certain homesites ceiling fan wire or install gas line coach light wiring, two car, three car garage of grade interior door package, a waterline for the ice maker Garage door opener. Uh, you get the space saver, microwave appliance color upgrades, stainless steel and get that vault in that sunroom that uh, hey, you got the two car garage and it comes, you got the uh, master bedrooms at 16 foot by 12 foot, six inches. Walk in closet, a bedroom to the back corner of the House is 12 foot 10 inches by 10 feet.

Ben Three, the first one on the left if you walk down the hall or right, I guess depending if the flow, the floor plans flipped a is 11 foot by 10 foot tenant. Ah, yeah. Festus Home Builder, Tony Kinetic construct homes. You just got all these options. Get the optional fireplace as well for the Hazel, Hazel teens got a, it’s 1,620 square feet. It’s a little bit larger than the, uh, Greenbriar have a Monterey and the ends Brooke and stuff. That’s why it’s the largest, uh, branch plan. So you’ve got more space and uh, hope you got all the options is every other one, you know, customizable basically for all of it. Get the island in the kitchen. I love those. Um, I don’t know what the heck hold on. Hazel thing.

I’m assuming it’s the same price to all the other islands or close to it. If I were a betting man. So yeah. You got that Hazel teen the option to add the a sunroof Perth Room? Uh, yeah. I mean well I had to choose between the elevator today or be Ooh, I would probably pick elevation be cause I like all, I like all the uh, uh, masonry. All the brick looks good. And uh, building the house to the right of me there are building the Burke male two story house. He’s a team. Kinda like, if I were to say, you know, the Birkdale in and probably like right to my favorites. I like the ranch style. You know, I’m a, I’m a very simplistic type of guy. I don’t really need like two story or a big house, you know, usually the ranch style, I need to have the walkout though. I can’t have a basement without the walk out. You know, cause then I’d want to build

a, uh, uh,

why can’t they get the deck? Oh, sorry. Deck off the back of my mom’s house had that he had to walk out basement and you had the deck off the kitchen and he like went down it, uh, it’s just like certain hope sites will allow you to do that. Yeah. The Lid it’s show, uh, with that, you know, that’s just the price. You know, some people, you know, they get mad because you can’t do that, you know, I mean, that’s understandable, but like, you know, sometimes you just can’t do, but a Festus Home Builder turned to kinetic catch Jake Holmes, he’s got, oh, these home sites and floor plans set up for someone just waiting to be picked up. So, uh, come check it out. Shiloh, Illinois, Festus, Missouri and get timber. Wolf Valley got Shiloh Ridge as Festus Home Builder country tech Holmes, Tony Kinetic. They’re just still continue to build and build and build, get all these houses up and uh, get all these songs, sites taken care of. So I mean like it’s got everything included. You got the kitchen bath, exterior finishes, interior finishes, construction, all the features I’ve mentioned before.


Who were just fantastic homes. That’s all there is to it. And I actually won an Festus Home Builder award for the display that I’m in right now. And also display a Timberwolf and also for their brochures that they have. The brochures are pretty legit, honestly tells you about all the choices you have, the freedom to choose features and finishes, you know, just the way that, I mean, I just need to get someone to that path to where they get to the decision making Festus Home Builder process. I don’t already have the house in the loan and everything planned out, you know, I want to freaking show on the design studio and show them, you know, what we got, well we can provide for them, you know, and uh, you know, the flooring, everything.

So there’s still doors, brick, everything. Marvel. Ooh, I like that.

Yeah. So the Hazelton though, you can that masonry on the front, you can choose any kind of Festus Home Builder brick color. You won all well up picking that stuff

out. That’s good stuff.

And uh, yeah, I mean, got elder finishes, see shingles and grills on the front windows, steal overhead garage sodded yards.


General Electric appliances.

Yeah. Here’s the team. Just has a lot of room for family and things. I said, do you like the Festus Home Builder?

All right. We’re on the same as my house. Childhood, my childhood house growing up to be honest. And the Hazelton starts out at a one, oh, I’m sorry, two Oh four nine. It should be on my page right there. Where the house is that,


One 99 nine says here. Maybe it’s changed

I guess, Huh? Yeah. Houses. Uh, the market’s always changing, so

you got to stay up, stay up bone it price is subject to change without notice. I’m Zane.

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