Hello, once again to the Festus Home Builder homes. Um, Tony Kinetic podcast. Next we’re going to be talking about the Pine Hurst, which is the one that shares the same elevation as the Ellerson we were talking about earlier. Um, the Pinehurst differences though I would find her says, uh, all four bedrooms are on the same level. It’s got that spacious master bath, separate living and family rooms, and a formal dining area. Pine Hurst is 2057 square feet and it starts based price at $215,900. It’s the largest two story home at Shiloh Ridge with the four bedroom standard on the second floor. A unique floor plan that prides itself with the Nice size family room, but also a separate living room. Um, an eat in kitchen, main floor laundry in additional formal dining room round out the main floor, the master suite. Um, uh, the four bedrooms, the master suite and the two baths are combined to make up the second floor. Uh, there’s the powder room on the first floor, the half bath and a, yeah, get into it a little bit. The same elevation as the Ellerson. Just the floor plan is different options for the pioneers come with obviously the lot premium on certain home sites have premiums, elevation, B,


different siding. I’m pretty sure area the different signing the masonry is different. The windows are different too and get a different look for it. Uh, you had the bay window. Yeah. Option on the uh, uh, in the family room. And you also have the optional fireplace. There’s, well, uh, you get the vaulted ceiling in the master bedroom. Slop sink in the laundry room, which is nice. The option, oh, the rough in plumbing, the three car garage, the uh, double bowl sink in the master bath, the Festus Home Builder country take homes. Kinetic also offers the spindles on the stairwell. You know, the fireplace I was talking about earlier with the marvel walkout basement on certain certain home sites, uh, the breakfast bar and a 42 inch EPR kitchen cabinets, which as I’ve said before, part of that deluxe kitchen package we got going on right now with the high resolution Wilsonart laminate countertops with the upgraded stainless steel deep ball, the Festus Home Builder Tony Kinetic Constratech homes offering that up until, I think April 30th is the last day the bed you got v a ceiling fan wire and install fixtures, not included. You can get that gas line for the fireplace. Uh, coach light wiring for the two car in the three car upgrade, that interior door package because waterline for the ice maker Garage door opener, spray saver, microwave the appliance color gray to get the stainless steel, um, optional upper second floor spend those if you want to do that for the, uh, stairway,

you see, you walk in the pioneers in the covered porch alive into the foyer, you know, directly, right. I’d be the living room. And also right ish is, did you go upstairs and downstairs or upstairs? I’m sorry.


And uh,

you make a left, you’ll go down the hall and there’s a bathroom on the bright. You go straight, keep going straight. You don’t have the laundry room and make great, you’ll hit the family room and all this is wide open. You can go through the living room to get to the dining room to get to the kitchen, you know, and then all so on and so forth. You’d go all the way around. There’s the a two car garage. You come in the garage way, you go left, there’s the laundry room, you go straight straight, you hit the family room and so on, so forth. You go around you at the kitchen, dining room, living room, all in a circle like that. And then you go upstairs for you directly. Right up there. You don’t hit one of the bedroom’s straight, you’ll hit the bathroom, go left. Joe had the other two bedrooms and then in the corner you’ll hit the master bath master bedroom, the master bathroom of course, wide open master bedroom. Master bedroom has 14 foot by 12 foot, seven inches. And walking closet they got there is nine foot eight inches by four foot 10 inches. Bedroom three is with, I’ll call it is 13 a 13 foot, four inches

by 11 foot, one inch and bedroom for, you’ll have 12 foot two inches by 10 foot, eight inches

and bedroom two or yeah, bedroom two were around when you, right when you walk right up the Festus Home Builder stairs to the right is 12 foot five inches by 12 foot, one inch. So on. And then the dining room is 12 foot four inches by 10 foot, one inch. And the Festus Home Builder Tony Kinetic can protect homes offered the dining room and the living or I’m sorry, the living room and the family room, which are also both massive. You’ve got the living room at 15 foot by 12 foot one inch and that family room at 16 foot four inches by 14 foot 11 inches. Oh, it’s separate laundry room.


Yeah. So the pioneers is, I guess you would say one of the, one of my life. But I think better looking homes. Uh, I like the look of it for sure. Um, it’s big. It’s got those four bedrooms all standard.


You got the spacious master bathroom up there too with it. And I think the separate living and family rooms or what’s going to sell that Festus Home Builder the most. I mean for larger families who need more room

and uh,

yeah, there’s lots to be said about this house and I liked the elevation a I guess only in certain ways because of the, uh, the masonry on part of it. The windows were a little bit different, but uh, yeah, this is Pinehurst. You can also go to our website@wwwcountrytechhomes.com to also get a view of this, see the floor plans in depth as well as zoom in, zoom out, do whatever you need to do. And that phone number to be reached to reach me out here at Shiloh is (618) 315-7650 and the Festus Home Builder Tony connected country tag homes, uh, just with the [inaudible], they’re just so clean and sleek and sharp. You know, they just, there’s a lot of, a lot of beauty put into these houses a lot of time to just to get everything right and make sure there’s chicken and checking off all these boxes to have everything exactly that they need everything spaced out, right. Everything designed right. Everything leveled, right. Measured right, cut. Right. I can’t, you know, there can’t be any mistakes and especially with a brand new home, you know, you’re going to want something that’s perfect and especially if it’s going to be yours and yours only for the first time and forever however long you’re going to have it.

Um, yeah, that’s great.

As I keep on building, you know, they’re just going to keep having these options to do different things cause they’re a custom Festus Home Builder. Festus Home Builder, tourney, Canadian coach your homes and with the custom homes

and uh, they just continue to, uh, exceed expectations.

We’re waiting for phone calls here and uh, got some, got some people trying to come in and check things out and Festus Home Builder whatnot. So we’re going to find out.

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