Good afternoon. Welcome back to the Festus Home Builder Tony Kinetics country take homes podcast, one scan presented by yours truly Tyler’s and ski. Next up on our list is probably my personal favorite. Looking home the country take homes, builds named the Birkdale and is definitely a more economical to story plan with a ton of space coming standard with three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms. There’s home lives large for the prize. The Fed is home builder and his team continue to give 100% when it comes to this. Meticulous attention to detail and designing floor plans that people are sure to love. An open kitchen slash living room keeps you comfy. Plus the added private dining room is a perfect touch for those family dinners. We all know and love. Starting with the first floor. You walk through the foyer and immediately to your left is the dining room. And at the end of the floor, at least directly into the living room with the kitchen located in the back, left corner of the home, uh, going through the living room, we’ll take you to the hall to reach the garage and half bathroom in the back, right corner of the home. That’s just the first floor at these Festus home builders build for this Birkdale.

It’s going to find out here going to the second floor. Second floor has got the, um, he go up the stairs. You can need to do, if you look directly left, there’s this loft that you can have or you could turn that into a optional second floor laundry, right when you walk up the stairs and go left, walk up the stairs and go straight. That’s the first bet. Or first bedroom and measures 10 foot, six inches by 10 foot. You’ve got a nice little closet. The closet made shelving. You go out of that bathroom, go right, there’s a bedroom, we’ll call it better than number three, a 10 foot by six inches by 10 foot with a little walk in closet, a little bonus. I was one of the kids, I’d be racing up there to pick that one first. And across the hall from that bedroom as the master, which is 14 feet by 12 feet with a war. Huge walk in closet. It’s massive. And um, regular bathroom or you can uh, get the option to get that luxury master bath. Uh, it’ll just make the walk in closet a little bit smaller but still a walk in closet.

And this, the Birkdale is 1,466 square feet and with a base price of one 79, nine the Festus Home Builder Tony Kinetic and country take homes. I have a lot of different options that you could choose from for basically of their homes and the Birkdale. It’s got um, second floor laundry. I mentioned earlier, vaulted ceilings in the master bedroom fault could ceilings in bedroom three luxury master bath, the separate tub and shower, which I was saying we’ll just make the walk in closet a little bit smaller. Rough in plumbing. Uh, you can add a three car garage. It’s optional. Certain home sites here, Shiloh were fastest Timberwolf. Uh, you get that option for the double sink. Double both sank in the master bathroom. A 42 inch kitchen cabinets. Get the optional fireplace, optional walkout basement, the island that you could put in the kitchen.


Yeah, the ceiling fan. Why are the install the gas line coach light wiring for the two car and the three car. You can upgrade the interior door package if you wanted waterline for ice maker, like garage door opener space saved, microwave appliance, color upgrade and get that stainless steel. But the main thing is that the Festus Home Builder does is just, they just, I mean, they’re strong sturdy homes. You know, they got the highest quality materials or they have a close knit group. People who they trust with, um, building each home and, uh, they get the highest quality materials. Everything’s clean, everything’s brand new. It’s all yours for the first time I got the massive basements. You got the, uh, with the Birkdale though, I think the, you get the optional, uh, I think I’d get the optional luxury master bath for sure. I think it’s huge. The shower at the time, two sinks and you still got the a walk in closet. But uh, yeah, I mean, what else is Birkdale I’m in the festival and bill just, they just, they’re very, very, very sturdy homes. They know what they’re doing. They’ve been doing this for quite some time, uh, since 1962. If you want to get technical and uh, there’s, they committed to building an enduring legacy of integrity and a, no, they have the hands on approach. It’s just buyers from concept to completion,

you know, it’s just the legit, too legit to quit

Hva members. You know, they’re up for some awards this year. Like the Festus Home Builder and Country Tag Holmes. Tony Kinetic, the Festus Home Builder association, Saint Louis, you know, they just, they know the Dylan. Yeah. And I’m in one of the houses right now. I just look around and it’s just incredible. Well, the way it’s perfect, everything’s symmetrical, everything’s clean, it’s perfect. And I’m a stickler. I like mild OCD, big time. If things are uneven, it’s got Yo yo change it, you know. But nope, nothing. He even got to change here with the Festus Home Builder Tony Kinetic country tag homes. They just keep doing their thing. Keep making perfect homes that, you know, I don’t see any problems with, I mean certain people might have problems with them. They’re very affordable homes. I mean, I’ll know what kind of people, what they’re looking for. You know, you want like a mansion or you want something that’s like comfy, you know, something for one, two kids, you know, I think to get it all I want, I don’t know, I haven’t thought that far ahead.

But Festus Home Builder, totally kinetic country tag homes, all the included features of these homes. You know, you’ve got the two car garage, obviously concrete driveways, broom finish, hydro control system was sump pump. Yeah. Pro polypro damp proof foundations, termite treatment, one piece, fiberglass tub, shower units, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, 80% efficient Lennox, natural gas furnaces, 13 seer Lennox air conditioning unit, five inch seamless guttering and downspouts. You got the weather bar, vinyl windows and screens. Look up whether bar look up Kohler, look up. Gee, look up mason. I all great companies to work for, especially when the Festus Home Builder. Tony connected country tag homes uses these types of materials in their homes. Standard included, featured, get on it. Um, you got the pre wire for the garage door, 40 gallon state gas, water heater expansion tank on the water heater, electric dryer, hookup, bedrooms, switched receptacles, lightening allowance or lightening lighting.

It’s not lightning unless your Thor than you know, you’re cool. Um, insulated steel entry doors, underground utilities, partial or full masonry front elevations. Make the house, you know, give it a little pizzazz. No, what I’m saying, exterior finishes include architectural shingles. You’re gonna, you’re going to need those. You know, you can’t have shot a house without shingles, weatherproof receptacles at each entryway you got, you know, something you need to be doing out in the living room or out in the living room, out on the front porch. Or if you just want to chill on the front porch, I mean, I’d love to be out there in a lawn chair right now, sipping bud selector, you know, rum and Dr Pepper. That sounds pretty good. Then you got, uh, your three freeze proof. How hose bibs. Yeah. I’m gonna have to talk to Tony on that one.

I’m not really sure what the hell that means. Grills on all front windows, steal overhead, garage door, maintenance-free exterior sat at front yard, seated and Straud side and rear yards in that rain. I’ll help you out, especially when it’s getting sunny. And I said a lot of green grass now out here in Shiloh and in Festus Home Builder country tag, Holmes, Tony Kinetic Timberwolf they got it all Festus Home Builder. Interior finishes include smooth interior walls, interior wood, window sills and aprons to panel interior on Mason night doors. Don’t forget to look up mason night. You know what I’m saying?

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