Hello and we’re going to be talking a little bit today about CounterTack homes. The Festus Home Builder Tony Kinetic and uh, yeah, just talking about, uh, the company itself, Tony are, sorry, Tony Kinetic senior has been in construction since uh, 1962, I believe, and turn the Canadian junior since 1985 maybe out. That’s correct. Um, Festus Home Builder Tony connected country, take homes. Um, just keeps producing, putting homes together, making them look nice, making them look sturdy, making them sturdy. Now. Looks dirty. They are sturdy. Um, you need more information about here at Shiloh Ridge. Display hours are from 11 to four, usually every day except for Wednesday and Thursday. Call us at six one eight three one five, seven, six, five zero or go to our website, www country tac homes.com. It’s www.countrytekhomes.com, Festus Home Builder turning, connecting with country tech homes, HBA member, uh, formed company for five years now or four years now and a little mom and pop shop, you know, based on integrity and values and morals. And she’s creating communities and, uh, looking forward to creating more communities in more homes for people with families and, or just couples that are retiring are living by themselves now. Festus home builder, Tony Canadian country TAC homes, also a Shiloh builder and uh, yeah, just getting his name out there, uh, making for the company.

And so today talking about, I don’t know, favorites, I guess. I don’t know. I like a lot of different things. Uh, Tony’s been where a trying that Miller light now I would. Sure. Excuse me. Not Bad at all anyway. Um, but yeah, for SOM Biller, Tony Kinetic Punch back homes been uh, working on some stuff for the company itself, you know, making people see and understand the type of quality and craftsmanship they put together. And uh, she had to come out and see it for yourself.


I’m at the address, have a one 31 Wilson Creek drive, let’s say Bellville Illinois on the, uh, on your, uh, gps, but Shiloh, Illinois. But six, two, two, two, one

and uh,

yeah. Come on and check us out. Check out the display here. I’m in the Greenbrier model that the Festus Home Builder tourney kinetic with country town homes built. Um, it’s 1400 square feet base prices, one 84, nine.


One, eight, four, nine. And the one I’m sitting in, it’s probably closer to 20 total. But uh, that’s with other bells and whistles that they got already made on it. You know, that will happen when you get a lot more things added onto the house. Well there’s also certain things you’re not going to need. Like, you know, the uh, what’s it called out in the yard. The sprinkler system don’t necessarily need that, but uh, you want it’s just cost extra. Yeah. That’s his home. Festus Home Builder Tony Kinetic cut your take homes. Just

uh Huh.

Just continues to build product. Good product anyway.


And uh, just waiting for you a free the people come check it out. Get on building. Yeah. Right now. Pretty Sunny Day so far. And


yeah, just when, just Mondays usually. Slowish

uh, yeah,

we’re out here. Stop on by not really sure exactly what they’re working on the house over there today. I can definitely look at the schedule and see exactly what they’re doing. But uh, yeah, that’s the Birkdale model.


Oh, what is a, excuse me one 84 nine to start as well to story. Nice. Two story.


Yeah. The outside of the house wraps all on a, it was almost getting close to done with the old schedule. A water and sewer chip tabs and all that getting pretty close. But uh, yeah, it’s coming along day by day.

Uh, let’s see here.

Well, my favorite beer is a hoe bud select. I mean, there, you can’t go wrong with that. Uh, let’s just,


And so like I said before, the Festus Home Builder, um, he has the display out here, Shiloh rage right now. And they also the display and Festus Home Builder as which is the timber Wolf Valley community that he’s got going on over there.


why do I yawn so much? Oh, it doesn’t matter if I get nine hours of sleep or three, I’m going to be yawning the same. I don’t understand it. And uh, yeah. So rambling on about Contra tag homes, new home, Festus home builder, new homes. We’ve got the the zero down for new homes cause we got the sweat equity program where uh, you know, usually conventional loans are, you got to have three points, 5% down payment. Normally we’re offering a way to work off that 3%. So you just have to come up with 0.5% through our uh, USA mortgage lender lands over Meijer and uh,


Yeah, we’re just got all these programs set in place that you can apply for. And also the uh, Ahda I guess the Illinois grants that come with, I don’t know, like up to 5,000 I think you can apply for. So you put all these together and you have decent credit in decent income, I guess. Decent, no debts. Festus home builder, Tony Kinetic with country homes can build you a house with less than shoot thousand dollars start, start building, get you on the right track. Only problem is people making that commitment. I know it’s a huge commitment and one they’re gonna you know, be involved in with the rest of their life. But it’s a brand new home built in 2019 all yours for the first time. No history behind it, nothing crumbling, nothing falling apart. It’s all yours.

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