Hello and welcome back to the Festus Home Builder country Holmes Tony Kinetics podcast. And today we’re going to be talking about the willow brook style home. I one of the, uh, homes we offer here at shadow ridge,

the willow brook a two story home, one second.

Let’s get the elevation and elevate can be of course, and it’s got different, uh, steeps I just, I guess it’s what you would say. I’m not really sure exactly how to say that.

And a little Abrook. Oh my papers. Festus Home Builder trying to connected country town homes you cubs did at 1800 square feet starting at $199,900.

Um, it’s actually a one and a half story. I apologize. It’s got a huge loft area at the top of the stairs on the second floor. Main floor laundry is standard. You get the Mesh suite on the main floor as well. Bedrooms are up on the uh, second story. Uh, two bedrooms with walk in closet, which is nice. Um, the first floor you got the, um, when you walk the porch area, that’s always nice. They got the ports and then you walked directly to the right, to the front door, into the foyer. And uh, Joe directly left. You have the living room right there where those windows are living rooms, 15 foot, seven inches by 15 foot, one inch. You can do the optional fireplace right there with those windows on the side. The Willowbrook is like the, I love that style too to, or one and a half story, I guess you would say. The Festus Home Builder country tag homes turning, connecting, uh, just with the, with the two stories. He’s got one, the Birkdale he’s working on right now and he’s been looking at the nail on the Turnberry. And, uh, the Willowbrook though is just, you got a lot of room with that one. And then like how they do the, uh, the second floor.

Hey, a floor plan is like one of my favorites. You got that with a huge loft area and then you just go directly straight into the bathroom. And then you got the two bedrooms and up there with a walk in closets, which is nice. Um, and you got, let’s see here. The, uh, options for the Willowbrook. You can do the, uh, concrete patio.

Uh, yeah,

for the lower level. You get the rough Festus Home Builder in for the future. Full bath. If you want to do that. The walkout for certain home sites, you got the bay window, you do the Central Vac humidifier. Um, the lighting, the wet cans, kitchen island part filler. You do the 42 upper kitchen cabinets, which is part of the deluxe kitchen package that we have right now going on until the 30th. You also have your elevation, a standard elevation bees and a little different one. Uh, other options including the, you know, the stainless steel appliances, the master bathroom, second bowl, the optional, um, second sink adult vanities in the master, uh, adult height, vanity, single vanities, adult height, toilets, vaulted ceilings and living room and dining room ceiling fan wiring brace hangs in. Ceiling fans. Uh, you can get the optional fireplace, the surrounded, painted mantle, garage door opener, garage door, keypad, coach light fixtures, three car garage. You’re going to add to it. Uh, just to add insulation to the two car garage, three car garage and the Willowbrook you got Festus Home Builder the, uh, like I said, there’s a lot of room that make up

the, uh,

it Brooks main floor and second floor. I mean honestly, um, you got the dining room, I didn’t even see where it said, oh, dining room, 10 foot six by 14 foot January room slash kitchen area, kitchen area being nine foot six inches by 14 foot. And the first home builder, Tony Kinetic contradict homes, uh, with each single house. Like I’m looking at the one that’s being built right across from him. Now it’s just they just take their, they take their time, very precise with it. The, uh, all the materials and everything. It’s all well thought out and planned and we get the schedule on the APP and everything. And right now they’re working on second floor at the moment in the, uh, having an over a porch, I guess your Festus Home Builder would say.

And, uh, they just continue to build these homes that, I mean this is like basically artwork, sort of this, I mean you got a lot of, a lot of things that can be done to this house, the custom homes and a lot of things that are fun to do. Honestly Fun to customize. I mean, when you Festus Home Builder get to pick everything for your, I guess, your dream home that you’d want everything and everything’s brand new, it’s all yours for the very first time. And you get on that plan set up where you can, I mean the payments you build equity in the house, the home and shallow. I figured the Festus Home Builder, excuse me. There’s a lot of things that the Fed is homebuilder Tony connected country take homes does differently from other home builders and it’s just the attention to detail and all the materials that comes with it. She’s fantastic. And the Shiloh reds here, you got some spots here that need to be filled up. Call some people. This people in here, check it out, look around, see what we got. A lot of different spots, a different information. Uh, you know, communities just starting out, I guess you could say as in like, it’s not as full, but I’m thinking it needs to be, cause there’s a lot of good spots out here and uh, I want to see, I don’t want to meet all these new neighbors. Yeah. You just gotta get, uh, get these people to come Festus Home Builder check out the houses because they’re just really, really, really beautiful for som builder, Tony Connecting Punch to take homes. Festus, Missouri and Shiloh, Illinois.


And I, with the Willowbrook. Yeah. The, the term Festus Home Builder also the other one and a half slash two story. I guess it would be, um, if he just like, got the customized too, if you want certain things done, they can hook you up a little works. Get those, those big, big bedrooms. Huge law from quaint walk in Pantry in the kitchen. Big flexible kitchen cabinet layouts when you get that. Don’t forget about the deluxe package deal that we’re doing right now and uh, yeah. Purely to take advantage of that. It’d be plastered everywhere.


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